It’s A Wonderful Life!  Remember that old black & white movie with Jimmy Stewart? 🙂  What a great message!

You hear other people say it and you’ve probably said it 1,000 times or more. “Life’s too short.”

What better reason to take each and every day and live it out loud. Now, I hear this sentiment once in a while but rarely is it put in such a way where the message doesn’t sound like a commercial for Mountain Dew.

What a gift life is! Another day. Wow!  Think about it. You are the sum total of all your days up until now. Every day has gone into creating you. When you’re 70, 80, 90 what a horrible shame it would be if you were to look back and think, “I didn’t do so many things I wanted to do. I was mad or scared half the time.”

Use today to get where you want to go. Maybe you’re behind your pre-determined schedule. Perhaps you wanted to do more by now than you have.

That’s not a problem. You’ve got today. How lucky you are…

Don’t even think about putting it off ’til tomorrow. Even if there’s no place to go or big goal you can work on today, you can do something else.

Look around. Things may be bustling, pushing, moving at cyber speed. But you can be alone in your thoughts and see whatever you want.

For example, “You are awesome!” You can hear your mother’s voice say.  Beautiful. You may never hear it again. Your kids. Precious. Your friends. They love you. Enjoy it.

Are there difficulties? Huge challenges? Sure, but you can learn from it. That’s good, right? Just notice the good stuff right now.

Like Louie Armstrong used to sing, “…and I think to myself…, What a wonderful world!”


What could possibly make today great? A bunch of stuff. And don’t think that playing or lounging is the only way to celebrate your day. What can you do?

* Do your best at work – Make today your crowning achievement.

* Recognize someone else – Put a smile on some faces.

* Find out about someone else – Someone on your “team.” Be genuine.

* Take some time off if you need to – There might be some roses that need smelling.

* Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Or pay them a visit.

* Meditate – With no goal in mind. Just witness your thoughts.

* Look in the mirror – You’re a pretty cool person. Recognize it. It’s true.

* Read a chapter in a thought provoking book- learning is your ticket to where ever you want to go.

* Look at your victory log – And do something today to add to it.

* Laugh – at yourself, others, cartoons, TV shows, commercials. Just laugh.

And I’m sure that you can think of more stuff. The important point is… Today is a beautiful day.

But if your perspective is screwed up, you won’t see it.  Review the list above and add to it if you like. Review it regularly and your view will change. Guaranteed.

Don’t make feeling good so hard. It’s not. You don’t have to be at Disney World or Disney Land to have a good day.  🙂   After all, it’s a choice.  MAKE THIS CHOICE NOW!

Today is God’s gift to you. Appreciate the gift no matter what it is that you find yourself involved in. It was given in love.  Accept it with love.

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