Here, we’ll discuss those habits that we’ve learned culturally that take away the natural peace and well-being from us. They create disease, relationship and financial problems, depression, anxiety, fear, shame….

HABITS CONTROL YOUR LIFE. Can we control them?

Modern science has compared the human brain with an extraordinary center of command that processes data and directions coming from different places in the organism. Our brain houses billions of cells called neurons; it is said that there are as many neurons in the nervous system as stars in our galaxy. These neurons join in neural pathways, and all neural pathways constitute the neural net. The neural net is activated by electrochemical impulses generated in the brain. This information flows through the nervous system from one extreme to the other and I called it “info-energy.” It travels from cell to cell at a very high speed. Among other components, it includes neurotransmitters.
Researchers say that neurotransmitters are like electrochemical messengers used by cells to communicate with each other. A simple thought may trigger an enormous amount of neurotransmitters. When one neuron sends its neurotransmitters to the others with which it is in contact, an inner experience in the form of sensations and emotions is produced, and the relation between neurons gives rise to the so-called neural pathway. When there is a thought, the neural net is activated and we experience an inner emotion or sensation. But if the same stimulus is sent again and again carrying the same kind of info-energy, the neurons develop a very close relationship among themselves, and these intensify over time. Dendrites and the axon, which are like the arms of the neuron, stretch out trying to make contact with an increasing amount of adjacent neurons, so that eventually the neural pathways are strengthened.
Every known behavioral pattern, habit, addiction and compulsion follows this neural-energy pattern, and the repetition of these patterns creates an electromagnetic resonance in us. A resonance is an unconscious pattern that manifests outwardly the same reality with which it internally resonates. If we repeatedly use the same thought patterns every day, those inner relationships are strengthened and the same emotional reactions are produced over and over again.
As a consequence, we attract in the outside world those frequencies with which we internally resonate. Through the repetition of the same patterns, a self-image is created in response to the physical or emotional injuries we have suffered in the past. What we must realize is that it is simply an image; it isn’t, hasn’t ever been and won’t ever be real. Other names used to describe this same concept are ego, false personality, false self, or mask. This self-image is composed of numerous beliefs that control us and that we mistake for reality.
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