When people think about Valentine’s Day, red roses, candy in heart- shaped boxes, and beautiful sweet valentine’s cards come to mind. But, like most holidays, there was a special meaning or struggle that brought about the holiday. While that original meaning may have been lost over time, we have grown to believe that Valentine’s Day is about being in love.


The celebration of the day began with the life and death of a man. A bishop by the name of Valentine stood against an Emperor’s decree that Roman soldiers could not marry. He married them in secrecy because he thought the Emperor’s verddict was wrong and went against the glory of young love. Label treason, Valentine was martyred. In memory of Valentine’s deeds, Pope Gelasius declared him a saint and the day of his execution, February 14th, became known as Valentine’s Day.


In ancient times, Valentine’s Day originally marked the remembrance of the man. Years after his death, young men offering notes of affection to young ladies they admired. By the Middle Ages, the Day was recognized as the holiday of courtship and love.


Love has stages. So, Valentine’s Day means different things to different people at different stages of their lives.

For little kids, Valentine’s Day is about friendship. Cards and candies are given to those who they care about from mother, father and playground group.

For adolescents, Valentine’s Day is about the hope of love. Teens offer giggles and blushes to their crushes. With their offerings of cards, letters, candies and flowers, they anticipate that someone special will like them back.

For singles, Valentine’s Day means commitment. Valentine’s Day is after all about the search for lasting love. Just as many relationships are begin and end with Valentine’s Day. Between special dates and special dinners, the Day is full of sharing and reflecting. For some, Valentine’s becomes the ultimate day of love and is set as a wedding day.

For couples, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of love. After commitment and sharing, Valentine’s Day just like special time to set aside to remember courtship, share special feelings, and recommit for the years to come.

For parents, Valentine’s Day is a shared love and an opportunity to teach about love. Children, whether biological or adopted, are the product of committed love and inspire a newfound appreciation for a partner and a sense of family.

For most, Valentine’s Day is a happy occasion. But, for so many, Valentine’s Day is bittersweet. For those who’ve lost loved ones, Valentine’s Day is a sad day that they long for the past and honor those they loved. For those lonely souls, Valentine’s Day is a reminder that a basic human need to belong has gone unsatisfied.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday about the human heart! It offers us a day to hope and to share life with a person or people we love.