1. You’re not Asking Questions

One of the most common reasons for not receiving any answers is that you are not asking questions.  Asking questions focus your energy and get answers.  Don’t meditate and then expect the intuitive guidance you need to be offered to you on a plate once your mind is clear.  It might come to you but more likely, it won’t.  Instead, meditate, open your chakras and ask a question – you’re much more likely to get a focused, relevant response.

2. You ARE getting messages – but not seeing them for what they are

What if you ask a question and you get nothing in response?
It could be that you are getting an answer but it hasn’t come in the format that you’re expecting.
But there are other ways to receive your answers – when you ask your question, make sure you try all of them because different messages come through different channels.
When you tune into your guides and ask a question, ask yourself – what do I see? (clairvoyance), what do I hear (clairaudience), what do I feel (clairsentience) and what do I know/what pops into my head? (claircognizance).
If you really don’t pick up on any answers or guidance when you ask, release your question and wait for the answer to come when IT’S ready.  I have had my intuitive answers come through events, situations, people and resources that appear out of nowhere at the right time.  Sometimes it isn’t always time to have your answer yet.  So, give the Universe some time to send you an answer.

3. You’re not yet ready for the answer to the particular question you’re asking

If you ask a tough question, then you may not be able to hear the answer or be ready for the answer.  Here’s why you might not be ready…
Getting real information from your spirit guides or higher self can be unsettling because it challenges you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of, and some people aren’t ready for that yet.  For example, what if your higher self communicates to you that you’re unsatisfied with your job, feel empty inside and want to find a fulfilling career, when all these years you’ve been repressing that message?
That message takes courage, self-worth and inner authority to hear and accept.
If you’re not used to tuning into the courage, self-worth and inner authority channel, you’ll find it more difficult to receive and accept such a message.
Your Spirit Guides will know and they are not going to pass on messages that you aren’t ready to take action on yet.
It may be a message that needs to come from someone else’s mouth or in another unconventional way in order for you to hear it.
Remember that intuitive development (hearingvaluing and voicing your truth) is part of the personal development path and all part of becoming an empowered being.
The more empowered you become in your life, the more you can hear those messages that empower you further and move you forward on your life path.
Intuitive development and personal development go hand in hand.  The paths run parallel.  You can’t do real intuitive development work and not develop spiritually or personally.   Listening to your intuition takes courage and sometimes people have to catch up with other life areas in order to be ready for these messages from their spirit guides.
You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’
It’s the same principle.  When you’re ready for your answer (AND ready and able to take action on it, it will come…)
In the mean time, ask, let go and be open to the message when it comes.  Keep developing your intuition. Develop the other areas of your life too. And the answer will come at the perfect time, maybe in the most unexpected of ways.

4. Your vibration is not high enough and you are feeling negative emotion

The only times when it’s been really hard to read for myself is when I’m in distress.  When you’re in distress you can’t think straight.  Your intuition isn’t working very well because you can’t quiet your mind or be still.
So, when you feel a lot of negative emotions that will impede your capacity to hear intuitive guidance.
In a way, those negative emotions ARE intuitive feedback – about something in your life.  They could be there because you aren’t meeting your needs, aren’t honoring yourself fully or have created life circumstances that you don’t like.
So negative emotions are wonderful feedback about what you’ve created, what you’re in the process of creating and how you are viewing your life (because remember – your perspective is everything.)  Take these negative emotions into account, journal about them, if you can, get to the bottom of why you are feeling them.  Then, once you’ve honored your feelings, get the spiritual perspective on it all…
Take a few deep breaths and hold them and exhale for 8 seconds, ask the angels to raise your vibration, meditate or listen to binaural beats (my favorite for releasing stress and anxiety).  All of those can raise your vibration enough to be able to tune in and hear intuitive guidance.  I’ve been told that before you raise your vibration, it’s like flying your plane through turbulence.  Breath work (deep breathing) and calling on the angels or ascended masters can help you to raise your plane above the clouds, where it’s clear and there is no turbulence (i.e. emotional interference).
But the presence of the ‘turbulence’ is intuitive feedback in itself – don’t discard it.  Make sure you tune into it and heed its message.  Then raise your vibration and get a clear, ‘above-the-clouds’ perspective too.
What about you – Are you hearing intuitive guidance in your life?  If not, can you relate to any of the above?