Create A Strong Belief In Yourself

Your beliefs about yourself and your capabilities will determine the quality of your life. It’s quite simple. What you believe will dictate what you attempt to do which will, in turn, determine what you experience. If you want to have a full, satisfying life, you’ll want to create a strong belief about your possibilities and [...]

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People lack courage because they lack knowledge. They have no idea where the true source of courage comes from. Even worse, they don’t know it and continue to live in fear. As Socrates pointed out, ‘People not only don’t know, but they don’t know that they don’t know.’ This is why so many people on [...]

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The Power Of Appreciation

There is a powerful force within each one of us that you can use to overcome any obstacles, no matter how bad the situation is. Once you know how powerful this force is and how it works, you will never have to worry about anything in your life, no fears, no worries, and no anxieties. [...]

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Become A Problem Solver

It is absolutely essential we become problem solvers. Problem identifiers are a dime a dozen. Anyone can go around pointing out problems. On the other hand, problem solvers are worth their weight in gold. Far too few people spend their time and use their minds looking for solutions. Problems give us opportunities to be creative. [...]

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Open The Door & Let The Sunshine In

There are two types of people in this world – those who think of all the great ways to get from where they are to where they want to be and those who do something about getting from where they are to that ideal place. All too often we sit and simply complain about the [...]

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