Did you know that YOU too can be a powerful HEALER?!

  Are you ready to change your life forever?!

Learn REIKI –  Most Amazing Time-Proven & Tested Healing Method that came to us from Ancient Tibet hundreds of thousands of years ago!  Rediscovered once again in Japan in 1800’s.

·  Receive Sacred Initiation connecting you to the very Source of Life-force Energy

·  Eliminate unnecessary Medical Bills.

·  Learn to Protect yourself from negative energies at all times

·  Learn to Ground yourself

·  Learn Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing

·  Learn to Identify & Remove negative energies from your own Energy Field and Others’

·  Administer powerful hands-on treatments to Self & others, including animals and plants.

·  Quiet your Mind on command

·  Raise your vibrations 500 times.  That allows you to manifest positive experiences extremely fast

·  No prior experience necessary

·  Strictly Spiritual and Non-religion based

·  Instructed by a Full-Time Professional Reiki Master / Teacher with 30 years of experience

REIKI 1st Degree Certification Training:  This is a 2-day Intensive 12-hr Certification Course, taking place Saturday, and Sunday.  

Email to register NOW:

COST:  $200.00.  Seniors (over 55) and full-time students receive a 10% discount.

NOTE:  Registration will be closed 3 days prior to the training.

Be sure to check our schedule of EVENTS for the next upcoming Reiki Certification Training!

REIKI  2nd Degree Certif. Training This Certification Training is available only to those who have been certified in 1st Degree.

You will be attuned to 2nd Degree, which will elevate your vibrations 500 times;  learn 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols that will greatly enhance your hands-on work and will allow you to perform powerful Remote Transmission (aka, Distant Healing) healing your present, past, and even “programming” your future with better physical health and mental/emotional balance and clarity.

You will be guided through an Astral Projection meditation (Out of Body Experience).  You will learn how to administer powerful Mental/Emotional alignment non-verbally in under 10 mins!

You will learn how to clear energies in rooms/houses, how to cleanse and program stones, crystal, jewelry… how to make “Structured Water” out of tap water, and how to cleanse and energize your food making it vibrantly alive at all times!

And, if that weren’t enough, you will be taught how to energize gasoline right at the pump, to dramatically increase mileage.

Must pre-register and prepay no later than 3 days prior to the training.



This is a 2-day intensive Certification Training – Advanced Reiki Training, resulting in the Master-Practitioner Degree.  To enter into this training, you must have Reiki I and II certification.

In this training you will receive TWO ATTUNEMENTS that will raise your vibrations 2500 times.  You will also learn:

  • 5 Sacred Reiki Symbols and their application in hands-on and remote healing
  • Ancient History of Reiki
  • Several Specific Reiki Masters’ Meditations
  • Grounding tool, using one ancient sacred symbol
  • Moving Masters’ Meditation
  • Healing Relationships
  • Practical Application of the 5 Spiritual Principles
  • Manifestation Meditation, using the Sacred Symbols
  • Spiritual Protection using the Masters’ Symbols
  • The Grid
  • The Violet Breath Technique
  • Preparation for Passing an Attunement, using Masters’ Symbols
  • and more!

This 16-hr training is $450.00. Discounts are available to Seniors over 55, to full-time students, as well as package discounts for those who wish to move on to becoming a Master-Teacher.  Please call to inquire.

Call NOW to register and to start YOUR healing process.