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DATE: Sunday, September 24 2023

PLACE:  to be announced

TIME: 10am-7pm.  Arrival 9:30am

This Segment is designed only for those who have completed the 3rd Degree ART (Master-Practitioners) training.

In this all-day class, you will learn:

The Healing Attunement, which will enable you to assist your client with finding and eliminating the Root Cause of their discomfort/disease.

Psychic Surgery, which is performed in extreme cases, often, following the Healing Attunement.

The Ultimate Reiki Masters Meditation that will clear and align the Chakras and charge you up with enough energy to last for the next 24 hours.

We will also review the Reiki I and II Degree attunements, as well as material presented in Segment #1.

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