Self-Hypnosis / NLP Training: Class #2 – “CREATIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS”

Self-Hypnosis / NLP 3-segment Course: Class #2 n  "CREATIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS" Saturday, April 6th, 3-6pm 1) Discover how to easily quiet your mind – On Command. 2) No meditative experience necessary! 3) Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others 4)  Start healing yourself IMMEDIATELY at a much deeper level... through the power of your Mind! 5) [...]

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NLP Self Hypnosis Training. Segment 1. Why Affirmations Don’t Work

NLP / Self-Hypnosis Course:  “WHY AFFIRMATIONS DON’T WORK, AND HOW THEY CAN”   HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED IF YOU COULD Have more control of your life? Let go of all unreasonable fears? Release Stress & Quiet Your Mind on Command? Learn how to control conversations naturally, easily and spontaneously? Define what you really want in life? [...]