LEARNING Made EZ – NLP Seminar & Demo, 6:30pm

Want to gain focus, clarity?  Develop “photographic” memory? Join us for this Interactive NLP Seminar & Demo with Victoria, and improve Concentration & Recall of information almost instantly! Call/Text to RSVP: 702-659-2390 No cost. Donations accepted


Transformations Wellness Center Bayshore Gardens, FL, Bradenton, FL, United States

REIKI PRACTITIONERS ONLY EXCHANGE: 4pm-6pm. Free Please RSVP in advance via text or call: 702-659-2390.

Pain Management Made EZ-with TENS Unit – Lower Body

PAIN MANAGEMENT - How To Effectively Use the TENS Unit for Pain Relief Hands-On Workshop with D.J. Ross, Kinesiologist and Applied Exercise Physiologist, Massage Therapist Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Instructor Where: Transformations, 8871 W. Flamingo, Ste. 102When: Saturday, Sept. 21st, 3-4:30pm Cost: $20 prepaid; $25 at the door Join us for this Interactive workshop and Learn [...]

Raw Food Class: DEHYDRATING, 1-3pm

Transformations Wellness Center Bayshore Gardens, FL, Bradenton, FL, United States

Raw Food Class! DEHYDRATING -- with Victoria Stitzer, Vegan Raw Foodist of over 25 yearsl LEARN to prepare Delicious, Nutritious, NON-TOXIC, Enzyme-Filled Living Food! Receive Shopping & storage tips, learn to combine food properly for better digestion, and much more! We'll be Dehydrating slimming Breads, Crackers, Cereals, snacks, sun-dried tomatoes, protein bars/cookies, and even pancakes!  Includes: [...]

Create Prosperity & Abundance with EFT – Workshop

Disconnect your fears, worries and other negative blocks regarding money that have been holding you back!  Experience these extraordinary results in just minutes. Supported by science and numerous testimonials.   Please RSVP via WhatsApp 702.659.2390, or Email: [email protected] In this workshop, you will learn basic principles of Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as Thought Field Therapy.  [...]

Natural Pain Relief Thru Mind Power – Wed 6:30pm

Pain Management Made EZ thru Mind Power Tap into your Internal Pharmacy that lives in the Brain through proven hypnotic techniques.  Learn about FOOD that helps reduce inflammation. Reduce and even eliminate your physical & emotional pain once and for all! Do it NOW! Join us for this Interactive NLP Seminar & Demo and liberate [...]

Natural Eyesight Improvement, 3-5:30pm, Sat, Aug.8th, 2020

Transformations Wellness Center Bayshore Gardens, FL, Bradenton, FL, United States

See Clearly Now! Improve your eyesight in just 2+ hours during this workshop, and then, just minutes a day.   Must RSVP: via WhatsApp only 702-659-2390; or, email: [email protected] LOCATION:  S. DECATUR & 215.  Exact address will be provided upon registration.   Workshop 1 Class Pre-Pay Special ($40 value) $35.00 USD 1 Class Senior $31.50.00 USD

REIKI Masters Monthly Training- Segment #2. By invitation only

Transformations Wellness Center Bayshore Gardens, FL, Bradenton, FL, United States

If you have already taken Reiki III Degree, now it's time to jump into the Masters Training!  There are 3 Masters Segments altogether. It doesn't matter if you start with Segment #1, #2 or #3. This is REIKI Masters Training - Segment #2.  There you will learn the following: Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Attunements [...]

NLP Self Hypnosis Training. Segment 1. Why Affirmations Don’t Work

NLP / Self-Hypnosis Course:  “WHY AFFIRMATIONS DON’T WORK, AND HOW THEY CAN”   HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED IF YOU COULD Have more control of your life? Let go of all unreasonable fears? Release Stress & Quiet Your Mind on Command? Learn how to control conversations naturally, easily and spontaneously? Define what you really want in life? [...]

Self-Hypnosis / NLP Training: Class #2 – “CREATIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS”

Transformations Wellness Center Bayshore Gardens, FL, Bradenton, FL, United States

Self-Hypnosis / NLP 3-segment Course: Class #2 n  "CREATIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS" Saturday, Sept. 5th, 2020  1pm-4:30pm 1) Discover how to easily quiet your mind – On Command. 2) No meditative experience necessary! 3) Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others 4)  Start healing yourself IMMEDIATELY at a much deeper level... through the power of your Mind! [...]

Reiki Masters Class – Segment #3 – By invitation only. Sept 6, 2020

This class is the last one in the Masters series, but it doesn't matter if you have decided to join the Masters Training and start with this segment right now. There are 3 segments altogether.  This one will cover the Reiki III & IV Degree Attunements;  Long Distant Healing Meditation; The Ultimate Reiki Masters Meditation [...]

HAVE YOU LIVED BEFORE? Past Lives Exploration Workshop. May 12, 2021

Exploring Past Lives, Prophetic Dreams and De Ja Vu’s –  Informational Workshop with Past Life Regression Therapist, Master of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Expert in Rapid Behavior Modification. Please RSVP or inquire at  [email protected] or text/call: 702-482-3719 LOCATION:  Healing Center @Reflections, 13550 Reflections Pwy, Ste 4-402, Ft Myers, FL       COST: $20 prepaid; $25 at the door. Can [...]


Join us for an unforgettable Inspirational Meditative & Reiki & Sound Healing experience on Tuesday, Sept 27th 6:15-8:15pm, at Objects of Magic.  Address:  2106 Bispham Rd, Sarasota, FL. Release stress & tension; receive customized healing; meet wonderful warm people. Walk away energized & elated! Experience 2 guided meditations w/ Reiki Master/Therapist of 30+ yrs., Victoria [...]