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NLP / Self-Hypnosis Course:



  • Have more control of your life?
  • Let go of all unreasonable fears?
  • Release Stress & Quiet Your Mind on Command?
  • Learn how to control conversations naturally, easily and spontaneously?
  • Define what you really want in life?
  • Be totally self-motivated and become an expert at motivation?
  • Increase your ability to communicate and build instant rapport with anyone? And how that would change your life and relationships?
  • Learn how to get better results in your career / business, and have more free time to do what you want

If the answer is YES, Then, you definitely want to be part of the following

Experiential NLP-Hypnosis Course:  A breakthrough approach to creating immediate & permanent change, designed for your other mind… Your Powerful Subconscious Mind!

Instructed by Victoria Stitzer, Expert in Rapid Behavior Modification, Master of NLP, Certified Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master with decades of professional experience.


1st  Segment – Sat, Mar 23rd, 3-6pm.

2nd Segment – Sat, Apr 6th, 3-6pm

3rd  Segment –  Sat, Apr 13th, 3-6pm

Cost for (1) 3.5 hr segment: only $39.95 with satisfaction 100% guaranteed.  Cost for all 3 segments: only $99.00.  With Certificate of Attendance and post-training support, it is $125.00.  When similar courses are offered by Hypnosis or NLP schools, they charge thousands of dollars!  Register now: space is limited.  Call / Text: 702-659-2390

      Here’s a brief OUTLINE of what you are going to learn in this course:


1)  Discover how your Mind works: the difference between the Conscious & Subconscious: Their related frequencies and how we use them.

2)  The connection between your mind, emotions and behavior

3)  Learn how your Brain stores information and how to Enhance its Retrieval

4)  RULES of the MIND:  Imagination vs Logic: You get What You “Ask For” –  and not necessarily what you want; What is Expected Tends to Be Realized. Every Thought causes a Chemical / Physical Reaction; What is a “Double-Negative” and How Your Subconscious Responds to it, and more!

5)  Does YOUR Internal conversation work for your or against you? (Does it make you Healthy, Happy & Successful? Or, does it make you Sick, Miserable and Broke?)

6)  What is an Affirmation?  Why most of the affirmations we get from books and other people don’t work, and How You can Make them Work, producing Immediate Tangible results!


Segment #2:  NLP & CREATIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS Training.  (Even though this is Segment #2 in the Self-Hypnosis / NLP Course, you can take this segment independently).

1) Discover how to easily quiet your mind – On Command.

2) No meditative experience necessary!

3) Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others

4)  Start healing yourself IMMEDIATELY at a much deeper level… through the power of your Mind!

5) Learn about the FOOD that feeds your Brain, and the Food that destroys it!

6) Learn the “Timeline” principle and how to use it in Self-Programming and in Learning new information;

7) Identify the glitches in your Belief System (that keep Sabotaging your Success) and correct it;

8) Learn the Structure of Hypnosis and experience various trance-like states;

9) Receive an equivalent of 4 hours of sleep in only 5 minutes! …and lots more!

Segment #3 – “ADVANCED NLP – Self-Hypnosis”

This segment builds on the power of both previous segments, plus, you will learn how to

1)  Eliminate Past Emotional Trauma in minutes, as well as Habits & Addictions.

2)   Supercharge & Balance the Brain

3)   Fine-tune Your Manifestation Skills

4)   You will also learn how to re-program your own Belief System in Minutes!