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Usui System of Natural Healing:

REIKI II Intensive 2-Day Certification Course:  

Saturday & Sunday, June 24th & 25th, 2023. Both days 10am-6:00pm. Arrival: at 9:30am.

Learn Sacred Reiki Symbols & Absentee Healing that helps transform deep-seated emotional, physical & spiritual karmic imbalances. This 2nd initiation builds on the power of the 1st Degree. MUST HAVE Reiki 1 Certification to qualify.

Must pre-register, prepay and PREPARE for ATTUNEMENT at least 3 days prior to the training!

COST: $285.00.   Senior, Student & Family Discounts available, as well as to those Reviewing this Course.

To Register and with questions, call NOW 702-482-3719, or email: [email protected].

LOCATION: SW Florida.  Address will be provided upon registration.


  • You will be attuned to 2nd Degree, which will elevate your vibrations 500 times.
  • You will learn 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols that will greatly enhance your hands-on work and will allow you to perform powerful Remote Transmission (aka, Distant Healing) healing your present, past, and even “programming” your future with better physical health and mental/emotional balance and clarity.
  • You will be guided through an Astral Projection meditation (Out of Body Experience).  You will learn how to administer powerful Mental/Emotional alignment non-verbally in under 10 mins!
  • You will learn how to clear energies in rooms/houses, how to cleanse and program stones, crystal, jewelry… how to make “Structured Water” out of tap water, and how to cleanse and energize your food making it vibrantly alive at all times!
  • You will also be taught how to energize gasoline right at the pump, to dramatically increase mileage.

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