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Usui System of Natural Healing:

REIKI II Intensive 2-Day Certification Course:  

Saturday and Sunday, June 8th and 9th, 2024. Both days 10am-6:00pm. Arrival: at 9:30am.

Learn Sacred Reiki Symbols & Absentee Healing that helps transform deep-seated emotional, physical & spiritual karmic imbalances. This 2nd initiation builds on the power of the 1st Degree. MUST HAVE Reiki 1 Certification to qualify.

Must pre-register, prepay and PREPARE for ATTUNEMENT at least 3 days prior to the training!

COST: $285.00.   Senior, Student & Family Discounts available, as well as to those Reviewing this Course.

To Register and with questions, call NOW 702-482-3719, or email: [email protected].

LOCATION: Held in Bayshore Gardens, Bradenton, Florida.  Address will be provided upon registration.


  • You will be attuned to 2nd Degree, which will elevate your vibrations 500 times.
  • You will learn 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols that will greatly enhance your hands-on work and will allow you to perform powerful Remote Transmission (aka, Distant Healing) healing your present, past, and even “programming” your future with better physical health and mental/emotional balance and clarity.
  • You will be guided through an Astral Projection meditation (Out of Body Experience).
  • You will learn how to administer powerful Mental/Emotional alignment non-verbally in under 10 mins!
  • You will learn how to use Dowsing Rods for a) finding lost objects; b) finding water sources; c) Measuring one’s Aura; d) determining whether or not a food/herb/vitamin is energetically compatible with one’s physical energy; e) finding “stuck” energies and/or entities in a dwelling; f) measuring the Field of Electronic Pollution.
  • You will learn how to clear energies in rooms/houses;
  • You will learn how to cleanse and program stones, crystal, jewelry…
  • You will learn how to make “Structured Water” out of tap water, and how to cleanse and energize your food making it vibrantly alive at all times!
  • You will also be taught how to energize gasoline right at the pump, to dramatically increase mileage.

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