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EFT Workshop to Help Resolve Emotional Trauma & Eliminate Fear, Worry and Anxiety


In this workshop, you will learn basic principles of Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as Thought Field Therapy.  In 3 hours, you will be proficient enough to “disconnect” your own fears, worries, anxieties, guilt, and other negative behaviors that are blocking you, holding you back!  Experience these extraordinary results in just minutes!

Sounds too good to be true?  It IS true! This is one of the new ‘power therapies’, that uses the body’s meridian system to facilitate emotional and psychological change. Developed by clinical psychologist Dr Roger Callahan over the last 22 years, TFT is now used internationally.

Many testimonials claim that ” IT IS BEYOND AMAZING. I have never seen any treatment so powerful…. It is extraordinarily powerful, in that clients receive nearly immediate relief from their suffering and the treatment appears to be permanent.”

Invest in yourself. It’s only $35.00.  If you apply these principles, Results are Guaranteed!  Please RSVP: 702-482-3719. Initial Text preferred.

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